Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A little of this, a little of that.

A couple things. Finally went for my first mammogram since all my testing last year. Sheesh - I felt like I was in so much trouble - because I had not come when I was supposed to, because I had a doctor's order for a follow up on one side but it was time for my regular screening which obviously would be both sides. I was almost chastised for doing the whole thing incorrectly as if I didn't take it seriously.

I took it seriously alright, but with a couple mammograms, an ultrasound, and a mammotome which is basically treated like surgery, I decided to wait until I had paid off the hospital before I went back for more tests. I know, how novel.

Yes I have insurance. Yes, they paid for a good part of it. But I did come out of it owing the hospital enough to have to set up a payment plan which took me months to pay off. In the end - when the tech pulled me aside to tell me my results, I made sure she knew the reason I had put off having further tests so she knew that she treated me like a naughty child based on some false assumptions, and I really hoped she felt like a chump when I left. Maybe she'll think twice before she jumps to conclusions about other patients and their motives behind how they handle their healthcare.

It wasn't her place to judge me.

The other thing I wanted to mention, or maybe rail about is - where did all these people on the roads come from??? Where were the normal jerks I usually share the road with in the mornings and evenings on my way to and from work? Today - it was holiday traffic. People who apparently don't drive any other time of the year and come out on the roads, drive in whatever lane they want to, and make sure they drive at least 5 miles - preferably 10 - under the speed limit. And they don't care if they are driving side by side with another driver in the lane next to them, also going 10 miles under the speed limit and effectively blocking normal traffic and causing other people behind them to have spontaneous strokes and aneurysms bursting all over the place.


Whew, I feel better. Thanks for listening.

Oh, and my mammogram was fine, all looks good and I won't be due for another check for a year. Woo hoo!


  1. Wonderful news about the mammogram!
    We have road jerks up here in the great white north too!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ah Edags, BetteJo! As if you havent been thru enough! Ive had the same sort of thing happen to me - and recently too - and I also decided to set them straight instead of be treated like a child. Im sure there are tons of Dodo's out there, but that doesnt make either of us one, So there!

    Good for you getting it done though, it couldnt have been easy to when you knew how much fun the procedure itself was going to be (Not!)

  3. You had me in suspense right until the end when I could breathe a sig of relief that everything was okay

  4. yes bettejo, that's my mantra too - GET OUT OF MY LANE! it's hard to look menacing in a little renault clio. no-one in the uk uses their horns for this kind of thing but in belgium the noise is tremendous because that's all they do is HONK their horns for everything. x

  5. YAY Happy dance!!!

    Have a lovely day!!

  6. Glad your mammo was OK..

    We have them in UK from age of 50, every 3 years and they are free, thankfully!

    I have started mine early though because of my family history..