Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm not really sure if this deserves that title but seriously! Remember when I
got a new phone (Sony Ericsson W350a) at the beginning of September? It was so cool - did all kinds of fun things - was a pretty light blue - and oh did I mention it died on day 30 of all that enjoyment? Yeah. My pretty Sony Ericsson W350a.

So I called AT&T and they were very helpful. I did all the nice troubleshooting stuff they asked me to do and the end result was - they replaced the phone. Replaced the Sony Ericsson W350a. Because one morning it just refused to turn on. When I tried hooking it up to the charger the screen got a faint blue screen of death and when I let it sit for a while the phone would go "bzt" every 2 or 3 minutes. "Bzt." But nothing else.

The new phone (another pretty Sony Ericsson W350a) arrived sometime during the first week in October all shiny and full of promise. Yay! I put my sim card in it, my memory card, made sure all my phone numbers and ring tones were there and was easily amused once more.

Until this morning. Uh HUH!!! It did it again. The new phone. The Sony Ericsson W350a. The 2nd new phone, that is. Sigh-h-h. I don't get it! This is a nice snazzy phone, I don't know anyone who has had something like this happen, twice. I started to feel insecure, maybe it was me. Maybe it's my charger, maybe I'm doing something really stupid and the phone is fine. I flipped some weird switch somewhere that tells the phone (the Sony Ericsson W350a) to play dead or something. So I decided to take it to the store. Yeah, none of that over-the-phone troubleshooting this time. I needed some hands on tech support.

I met a pleasant, very tired looking young guy named Dave at the AT&T store this evening. As much as it seemed like the end of a long day for him, young Dave listened to me, if somewhat incredulously that the exact same thing has happened to TWO phones. TWO Sony Ericsson W350a's. He took my phone and plugged it into a charger. Tried a new battery. Managed to see the faint blue screen of death, but I don't think the doggone thing went "Bzt" for him. Regardless, he pronounced it dead. He assured me the phone would be replaced again and if it happened a THIRD time - which he obviously thought would never happen - I would be able to pick an entirely different type of phone. Dave also advised me to request the expedited shipping and he would credit my account so I would not have to pay twelve bucks for shipping.

Only one catch. I had to make the call again because the blue version of the phone (the Sony Ericsson W350a) is only available online right now.

So - a new phone will be winging it's way to me post haste. I'm not warning anyone about this phone, although I have never had this kind of trouble with any other model. I'm sure this Sony Ericsson W350a is a marvelous phone! I'm just not sure it likes me.


  1. My Sony Ericsson didn't like me either, I hated the darn thing.Always had trouble with it.
    Cute little thing but .............

  2. Mmmmmmmmm maybe the phones are in protest over something!!

  3. If it dies a third time, you need to go straight for the iphone. Dang. Oh, and don't you love the look that those tech guys can give you that says "poor stupid woman". I've gotten that before. lol.

  4. That's really bad luck not to mention how annoying!

  5. I am going to be looking at different phones while I am using the new one, in case I need to replace it AGAIN.

  6. Same here. Three of our phones are Sony Ericssons. Two of them had to be replaced a grand total of 4 times. All of the problems were power-up failures.

    Good job you're looking for other phones. I doubt I will choose a Sony Ericsson again!

  7. Ooooh, we have the same cell company. We could talk for HOURS and HOURS!!!

    If your phone worked that is....

    I have one of those Sync phones and love it...overuse's still standing! Hope the next one isn't a dud, too!