Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mindless follow up

I wanted to do a follow up to my previous post about
BrainsBreaker. Quick and painless, a few pictures to illustrate a point. Teena asked if you can choose how big or how small the pieces are. Well yes. By choosing the amount of pieces - and the size of the puzzle, you can choose the size of the pieces. Below behold my son, at 56 pieces, 90 pieces, and 132 pieces. I could choose less than 56 or more than 132 if I wanted, and I could also adjust the size of the puzzle as well. I didn't adjust the size of the puzzles in these pics, only the number of pieces. And no, I have no affiliation with BrainsBreaker. I just like it. :)

Andy at 56 pieces

Andy at 90 pieces

Andy at 132 pieces

And yes Dani, Andy would hate this. Oh well. Look at what a cute baby he was!!!

As usual - click to see the pics bigger!!


  1. Thanks for the clarification.

    I thought about buying a puzzle. There was one half finished at the resort I was at a couple weeks ago and I tried it for a while. I couldn't put one piece in ... so I gave up.

  2. :) I like this because you can click a button and solve it. You can make it easy or you can make it hard. You can change the color of the background. You make any picture into a puzzle. You can sent them to people. But - I just like this application, I'm not selling it. Puzzles aren't for everybody, I just thought it was a good deal to pay 20 bucks and be able to use it for years - and for dozens and dozens of puzzles. Hey - I'll send you one. Just a single puzzle. The 'gift' puzzles are not as customizable puzzles. You can try it - or not! :)

  3. It's brilliant and no way you can lose any of the pieces!

    Lovely photo of your son as well :)

  4. I wonder - if you are that way inclined - you could save and print the puzzle with some bits missing and use for a scrapbook page or something. Write stuff in the open blank pieces.