Thursday, April 9, 2009

Single, white (gray&black) female. Cats.

Remember that movie? Single White Female? Sam is heartbroken over the breakup with her boyfriend, and needs a new roommate. The girl who she accepts seems nice enough, but slowly starts to morph. Into Sam. She starts to dress like her, cuts her hair like her, and eventually it turns into a psycho slasher flick with the roommate trying to kill Sam to completely take over her life.

I'm afraid I have something similar going on at my house.

Jake has always been the alpha female (is there such a thing?) at our house. She would sleep with me, curled against my chest under the covers with her head resting on my arm. Every night. Slowly Abby (the evil one) has taken over that spot. It was sporadic at first but eventually Jake stopped trying to get the night time spot because Abby was always there first.

If I ever napped during the day which I rarely do anymore, Jake was always there to cuddle under the blanket with me on the couch. It seemed to make her so happy. Now, more than likely when Jake tries to burrow under the blanket, she comes nose to nose with Abby. Jake turns away in disgust.

One place that has always been associated with Jake in our house is the bathroom. She wants to go in there with me (or anybody else for that matter) because she wants them to turn the faucet on so she can drink some water at the sink. I know that when I head to the bathroom Jake is right behind me.

Today I walked into the bathroom and went right to the faucet. I turned on the water, adjusting so it was coming out at the right speed and turned to my right expecting to see Jake sitting on the toilet waiting for me to move so she could jump up on the counter. There was a cat sitting there all right. It was Abby. Jake was outside the doorway looking in - seeing one more time Abby had taken her place.

I'm starting to wonder if I need to keep sharp objects away from Abby for Jake's safety. I know she doesn't have opposable thumbs but I'm thinking the evil part might override that. It's just an .. uneasy feeling these days. Did you feel that chill?


  1. I'm having a similar problem with my two cats - Crash and Burn. Burn, a male, is starting to push Crash, a female, away from me and take her place in bed and now on the couch. Maybe it's a Spring thing.

  2. That is an amazing story. Almost hard to believe but since we used to have cats, I do! Poor Jake.

  3. Brrrrrrrr I can feel it from here...LOL
    I dont know what to tell you I dont have cats...
    Happy Easter

  4. oooh, the suspense...

    My two cats get along most of the time although Clipsie, the much older cat, does get into a hissy fit if the much younger Neeko even hints she wants to play.

  5. My question becomes - do I let this natural process take place? The younger overtaking the older? Or do I help Jake out and not let Abby push her out of her places?

  6. Our kitties are always doing strange things.

    Byron's spot to sleep during the day is on our bed. Sometimes Morgan is there instead and Byron is nowhere to be found. Huh?

  7. Thirteen years ago, my husband brought a cat home to keep his spinster sister company, That damn, nasty cat has ruled that house ever since. The scary thing is Tammy has the same coloring asAbby...BEWARE!!!!!

  8. Hi, nice blog you have here. I'm a BIG cat lover, I have 2 myself.
    PS I found you from your comments over at DD2's blog

    In case you are wondering who the heck I am.

  9. Well I guess its a sort of bullying - and maybe Jake will retaliate over time.... tough one!!

    Will Jake let you go and grab her for a cuddle?