Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It won't make ME rich. .

I have a suggestion for guys like my ex-boyfriend, who know A LOT about cars and can look passively aggressive while being polite. I would make the suggestion myself but my ex doesn't really talk to me, something about a faucet, and I won't see him, something about hearing him say "whoa! Have another sandwich!" Yeah.

But here's the deal. I brought my car to a small local place to get an estimate on getting my exhaust worked on. I have exhaust coming out where there is no pipe and the rattle rattle rattle boom boom boom (slight exaggeration) doesn't help either. So I got my estimate, the mechanic said he would check on availability of parts and call me. In the meantime I got on the Internet and went to some 'ask an expert' type sites to find out if my estimate was reasonable. And happily enough, it was! This mechanic was recommended by a hair dresser so you KNOW he had to be okay. But the last time I had my car worked on (at a different place) I felt so ripped off, like I got talked into things I didn't need, that I knew I had to take a different tack this time. Since this was, for lack of a better description, elective and not emergency surgery, I could take a bit more time deciding.

So the job thing. I think I would pay a guy to come with me when I get an estimate on car work, to be there and ask smart questions and steer things in the direction they need to go and not toward things I probably don't need. A car-guy backbone. Sort of. He could either take the car in for you and then call you with the estimate - or just go with you and act like the husband or boyfriend who isn't going to take any crap cause he speaks car just as well as those mechanics talk car. Like that.

A customer/mechanic liaison. So-to-speak. Being single and not always having the available male who knows about cars around, I would like the option to take someone with me. Even some of you married women might want to take advantage of a service like that if your husband is a different kinda guy than a car guy and you would like some support. And it wouldn't hurt if the guy looked a tiny bit scary, the little bit of implied danger could really work with some stubborn mechanics with their heart set on getting the nice lady to buy 4 new tires when she only needs two, or to have that alignment she doesn't want.

What do you think? I think there are guys out there who should start printing up business cards right now, I think there is a market for this. Would you use it?


  1. Great idea , though I have a feeling you can manage just fine without a man at the garage .. also have a feeling that there s a very interesting back story about a faucet ( a tap in English speak ? ) and a sandwich that you might tell us if we ask nicely ?

  2. snotfaced git childApril 14, 2009 at 10:35 AM

    While I admire your entrepreneurial spirit, you can buy this once and never have to pay a man to "speak car" again. Sure you'd have to study it like crazy, but no one can take education away from you. So true. You, too, can speak car.


  3. There is or was a guy here whose business was to help anyone buy a used car by examining it thoroughly for you and advising on its condition. He did not work for any garage so was unbiased. I wonder if he extends his services to help with garage visits?

  4. Sorry I can't lend you Gord ... he's kinda useless with stuff like this.

  5. No faucet stories, sorry. :)

    Snotfaced git child I suspect you are my daughter. I know how you feel about education and being independent. But some things you have an affinity and some you don't and I can't become an expert on everything!

    Thank you Stimey. I think it could be very useful!

    Pearl - I wonder - could be a sideline!

    Teena - thanks, but that's exactly why I would like something like this to be available! :)

  6. My husband is a 'rip it apart and fix it yourself' kind of a guy, but if I was single again [you never know, women do tend to outlast] then I would definitely sign up for a service like that and pay hansomly.