Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sometimes I think I'm always the last to know.

I have been experiencing a lot of consternation lately about this following thing on Blogger. Not that I don't want to follow and have my little avatar on other people's blogs and stuff. That's not the problem. I already subscribe to a lot of blogs through Google reader. When the following thing came out, I didn't realize it would show me posts in my reader, from all the blogs I started following. If I chose to follow a blog I was already subscribed to - I was getting duel posts, every time. Made me crazy.

I could not figure out for the life of me, how not to get those double posts. I looked all over my Blogger settings to no avail. I ended up choosing to either follow somebody - or to subscribe, but not both. I was annoyed by the way the 'following' blogs were separated out at the bottom, but at least I wasn't getting double posts anymore.

So if somebody started to follow my blog, and I wanted to follow theirs, most likely I was already subscribed. So I would follow, and UNsubscribe.

I'm an idiot.



  1. Ohhhhh Thank you Thank you BetteJo!!! I had the very same problem and didn't even think to look for a way round this, just put up with them at the bottom of my reader!

    See you were NOT the last to know, I was!!!!

  2. You and me both. I do exactly what you do. If the Google Blogger follows me and I follow them, that's fine. But those who aren't on Blogger, I subscribe in my reader instead.

    I suspect Google came up with the following thing partly as a social networking method but also as a very simple reader.

  3. Lady B I'm glad I was able to help! And I ran across the setting completely by accident too!

    I think the 'show followed blogs in reader' option should have been attached to the following widget. That seems more logical to me.