Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sleeping? Who was sleeping???

Yesterday there was a house there. It was old, run-down, and empty. I knew it was going to be torn down, hence – the fence around it for the last year.102_5913 This has already happened to other houses on my street because the land here is so valuable, the small older homes are being torn down and replaced with ginormous houses – crammed onto the tiny lots.

So yes, I knew this one was going to go. HOWEVER! I did not expect it to start at 6:15 A.M. this morning! SATURDAY! And let me explain something. That house is maybe 50 yards from my bedroom window. I was not a happy camper.

Yesterday it was 80 degrees, so I was enjoying my first weekend sleep-in with the window wide open - of the year. I had no idea how loud the first strike into the roof of a garage with a – well – garage killing machine would be. I guess that 102_5917would be an excavator.

So at that un-Godly hour I heard the rumble of a really really big truck outside my window. There was the sound of heavy chains being manipulated and hitting the ground. Various cars were arriving, doors slamming, guys yelling back and forth to each other. AT 6:15 IN THE MORNING!!!

I slammed my window hard enough for pieces of paint to rain down, only for my benefit of course, none of the guys out there could have heard it over the noise they were making. I turned on the television and at some point it started to rain and I fell back to sleep smiling.


The entire house and small 2-car garage were gone by 10:00 A.M. The rest of the time (till 4:00 P.M.-ish) was spent digging out the foundation and clearing debris. Oh, and sitting in their truck in front of my house, waiting for it to stop raining. The sun would come out, they’d start working again, it would cloud up and start raining again. And it rained HARD.

Karma I think.

But I can’t laugh too much. Once the lot is entirely ready – the building will begin. OY!


  1. There should be a by law against construction on weekends. Don't those guys need a break too?

    But I welcome weekday noise - helps to get me up!

  2. I totally understand !!
    I cannot stand morning noise or night noise for that matter, at night I wear earplugs in bed, hubby moves alllll the time and wears an apnea machine to sleep...its like sleeping with a parade in bed,come morning I am exhausted ... no noise please... wont happen so I wear ear plugs esp now that I am retired I dont need an alarm clock!!
    My kids say your being dramatic Mom I say try sleeping with him just one night !!!!

  3. There is a law here that you can't start such work until 7:00AM. Somehow, they never count the trucks and cars arriving before 7. Our house has an old school on each of the parallel streets. We are like the filling on a sandwich. Each school has undergone renovation. Unbelievable noises. And you are right the rebuilding is as noisy as the tearing down.

  4. That early in the morning is just soooo wrong!

  5. Oh believe me...I would have been calling the cops. In Tacoma WA, it is against the law to make excess noise on weekends before 9 am. That even includes mowing a lawn. I have enough trouble sleeping to deal with construction at o'dark o'clock