Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No yoga tonight.

But I DID stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! Okay, couldn't resist. Actually, I got on the treadmill tonight, and kept my heart rate up for 20 minutes. I did do a cool down but probably not enough. Or maybe my heart is still racing because I AM SO MAD!!!!

Before I got on the torture-mill, I was watching TV and came in a minute too late to see this woman introduced, but it's probably better that I don't know who she was because I might be forced to hunt her down and force feed her a box of Ho-Ho's and chase it with a Yoo Hoo!! All the while forcing a candy necklace around her scrawny neck! UGH!!!!

Me-l-l-l-o-w-w .....

The discussion was about obesity not being "green". The twinkie was saying that obese people are more apt to drive a car than someone who is not obese, using more energy and polluting the planet. And oh - what about the over-consumption of food??? If you are obese it means you are eating more than you need. And if you are eating more food than you need, that food needs to be produced, it needs to be processed and transported, increasing the obese person's carbon footprint to something way larger than a thin persons.

It was suggested that if an obese person is using more of the earth's resources maybe they should be taxed on that somehow. Hmm. Interesting. And then it came around to possibly the point she was getting to all along! National Health care. IF we end up with National Health care, and by God if we do I will continue to keep my private insurance for as long as I possibly can, obese people should have to pay more out of pocket. She made the direct correlation between - if you over consume - you should pay more out of pocket for your health care.

So listen genius! There are plenty of people who eat - I'm sorry - over consume more than I do. You cannot look at someone and make the judgement that they over-consume by looking at them. You can't always see it hanging over their belt or under their chin. Could be it's their genetic makeup, could be they drive to the gym every day using energy by driving and by going to a building that has more bright lights than any place ought to? Over consumption my ass.

There IS a correlation between obesity and certain illnesses which is why I am trying my damnedest to NOT be obese. If she had used that as her argument I might have been willing to seriously hear what she had to say. But the cover it up with all this carbon footprint bull$hit - no way. This twinkie deserves an award for self righteous, intolerant, ignorant insensitivity. Not to mention outing herself as having absolutely no idea what causes obesity. Note to Twinkie - it's not as simple as "over-consuming" for every person. I will admit to hurling several really bad words as well as a hand gesture toward the TV on my way to the treadmill. And I don't usually raise my voice in anger at the TV.

I don't need much to push me toward the Ho Ho's (if I had any) anyway, luckily it was the treadmill that was beckoning me tonight. Oh and Twinkie? As far as the use of my car is concerned, I drive a 2001 and have only 52,000 miles on it. That footprint is generally much smaller than most who drive to work everyday. Fat OR thin.

So I should ask - is my sometime addiction to Pez a problem for you too?


  1. Aw egads! Really, I dont know why some people dont know that they should S.T.F.U!

    Let me know if you need interpretation for that - as if! LOL

  2. I find her argument weak and unproven. It is eating less meat which has a far greater impact on climate change. Scientists have been stating this for years :


  3. I am with you sister!!
    I bet I eat less than she does, so explain to me why I am overweight? If I eat any less I would be malnourished.... no I don't eat junk,its been banned from this house since hubby had a heart attack a few years ago.
    The nerve...I hope you yelled loudly

  4. I really don't have much to add to your well written post and the other's comments. However, someday she'll find out.

  5. Lavender - lol! No interpretation necessary. And I agree!

    Pearl - cows have the worst habits, don't they?

    Diane - I know! I know people who have been overweight their whole lives who eat modestly, exercise, and still fight it.

    Bev - yes - she didn't appear quite old enough to know yet. And I am totally evil enough to wish it on her. BIG!

  6. Its people like this that give me the shites!!

    I pray they too have a nervous breakdown and have to live on certain meds that make you put on 40kg in a year (90lb??) and half the time my Mum worries I dont eat enough.

    People like this make me want to ................................

    and they wonder why people have low self esteem!

  7. These are some pretty ridiculous words. Is she so bored that this is who she's picking on now? Really? She can't think of anyone who is maybe doing more damage to the environment? Is she that daft?

    And you're right - we are 4 sisters in my family, none obese, but with a definite range in sizes, and you can be sure that the teeny tiniest of us (hint: it's not me!) can pack away more than the other 3 of us combined. Her crazy metabolism makes her an will we be taxing her, I wonder?